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Kevin cheng dating

Apparently, they fell in love on the set of an upcoming Hong Kong show, Blue Veins.She is only the second girlfriend he has acknowledged, despite his rumoured romances with actresses including Niki Chow and Annie Liu.

TVB's most eligible bachelor, Cheng, 46, is dating his young colleague, beauty queen Chan, 24.Due to the timing of the filming of the drama last year, Grace and Kevin spent New Year, Lunar New Year, and Valentine’s Day together.Filming on location in the Netherlands for Blue Veins allowed Grace and Kevin to be in close contact with each other.Some of the biggest male stars in Asia, from Jay Chou to Aaron Kwok, all seem to have the same type: young models and starlets who look like dolls.On Tuesday, Hong Kong pop star Kwok, 50, announced his romance with Fang, a Chinese model like his former girlfriend Lynn Hung, 35, but who is just 27.

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12 Nov – Myolie Wu has laughed off rumours saying that she and Kevin Cheng have been flirting and consequently ticking off her suitor, Johnson Lee.