Does mandating nurse patient ratios improve care mobilesexdating net

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Does mandating nurse patient ratios improve care

However, 37 years later, access to care is still unequal between urban and rural locations throughout the United States.[8] The U. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) projects the need for 7,987 primary care physicians in rural areas and shortages of dentists and psychiatrists as well.[9] Nationally, only 10 percent of physicians and 18 percent of nurse practitioners (NPs) practice in rural locations, yet one-fourth of America’s population resides in rural areas.[10] Rural populations are poorer and more likely to participate in government assistance, creating the potential for high demand due to the Medicaid expansion in 26 states.[11] Geographical challenges affect the health of rural Americans through longer wait times, difficulty accessing care, long-distance travel, and limited resources.

The ACA reauthorized loan repayment and forgiveness, scholarships, increases in Medicare-funded Graduate Medical Education (GME) residency slots, funding for workforce planning, and increased funding for the Public Health Service.

There are shortages of primary care physicians and specialists.[3] All health professions are facing personnel shortages: dental, mental health, pharmacy, and allied health—to name a few. population is more than 315 million and growing.[4] By 2030, 72 million Americans will be 65 or older, a 50 percent shift in age demographics since 2000.[5] The shift is mostly due to the aging baby boomers, who were born at the conclusion of World War II.

Before the ACA’s enactment, a confluence of pressures had contributed to labor force problems. Americans are living longer than ever before with the help of breakthroughs in medical technology and advanced care management.

Without more graduates from nursing and medical schools and increased innovation in shared roles and responsibilities among doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals, individuals and families will face longer wait times, greater difficulty accessing providers, shortened time with providers, increased costs, and new frustrations with care delivery. Pent-up demand from those waiting for a plastic card and attracted by the promise of “free” or heavily subsidized services is expected.

Of course, doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals want to help people in need, but the sheer logistics of expanded care delivery, the current and growing shortage of personnel, and limited resources will certainly undercut the good intentions of the policymakers who crafted the national health law.

Medical education should include new incentives for primary care.

Training new physicians, nurses, and other health professionals takes years, sometimes decades.With the ACA’s estimated 190 million hours of paperwork annually imposed on businesses and the health care industry, combined with shortages of workers, patients will be facing increasing wait times, limited access to providers, shortened time with caregivers, and decreased satisfaction.The health care workforce is facing increased stress and instability, and a major redesign of the workforce is needed to extend care to millions of Americans.With the new demand for medical services for the millions who are expected to enroll in Medicaid and the federal and state insurance exchanges, the workforce shortages could become catastrophic.Based on a 2012 compilation of state workforce studies and reports, every state clearly needs more physicians.

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The ACA breaks the promises of access and quality of care for all Americans by escalating the shortage and increasing the burden and stress on the already fragile system.

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