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If you’re not convinced of this, then anger management tips will go right over your head, like sex tips aimed at Tibetan monks. So will smoking, and stress, but it’s years down the track. The most publicised instances of anger occur in war zones, in traffic, and in hotel lobbies.

But surveys tell us that approximately 80% of day-to-day anger actually occurs with family and loved ones whom you care about (by definition).

Like any self-respecting and noble Cave of Wonders, Angry V has always done her part to inspire cravings for salt, stockpile jewelry, and hide money. In an epiphany, she suddenly realizes her need to fill a void.

Angry Vagina is thenceforth charged with purpose and joins a mobile dating app on her quest to locate void-filling providers known as "Penis Custodians" in order to invite world "piece" - one slip n' slide at a time.

Ambrose Bierce, the American satirist, wisely remarked, “speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” While fear drives us to flee, anger drives us to aggress and confront. Unfortunately, the best revenge is not, as a rule, to live well. Hence my counterintuitive advice to ‘Feel the anger and do it anyway’—the flipside to the pop-psychology slogan.

I would recommend you: go to bed angry (despite your grandmother’s advice); sit on the angry email for a day or two before sending it; walk away from a fight where possible; and seek advice from a (non-angry) third party before taking any hostile action. In the heat of anger you’re likely to make decisions you’ll regret. Even if they leave a scene having achieved nothing (such as giving the finger to a car that pulls in front of them), they often experience a warm inner glow of self-satisfaction as a result of their actions.

anxiety, dread); and what you Anger interferes with problem-solving and good judgment, and makes you rash and rigid in your thinking.

This is why even the most articulate person you know can be reduced to repetitious expletives when enraged.

Actually, anger is much less effective in getting people around you to behave ‘correctly’ than, say, heart-to-hearts, cajoling, incentives, or calmly stated assertiveness.

"X" promptly encourages Angry V to add a body shot to her profile. Or mushroom-head owners think my profile is hoax and are not right-swiping . Deflated nevertheless, Angry Vagina decides her self-worth is better served stockpiling likes on Instagram instead of sifting through more penis hopefuls for the time-being.

When a match finally appears, however, the real batshittery begins.

According to tennis great Roger Federer, who was a racket-smashing brat in his junior years, it was watching himself throwing tantrums on TV that put him off it for’re in as you enter an anger-provoking scene will influence the severity of an anger episode.

If you are stressed, tired, sick, hungover, agitated, or in any kind of emotionally compromised state when you encounter an annoyance or provocation, then your response will be magnified well out of proportion.

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